Best Beaches In Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country, and it has a host of exotic beaches to hang out with your friends and family members. The country has over 5000 kilometers of coastline starting from lakes to streams. There are lots of countries available in Latin American countries that are extremely popular for their beaches. However, Argentina is the most underrated considering the variety of beaches it has to offer to the tourists. The following is the list of the best Argentina beaches that you need to visit when you make a trip to Argentina or if you are an Argentinian.

Mar del Plata Beach

Mar del Plata BeachIt is the most popular and lively beach resort in Argentina. Every summer, there is extreme gathering of local and international tourists soaking up the sun and getting tan. There is an endless array of restaurants and bars around the beach to hang out making the place perfect for relaxation. However, if you are looking for a tranquil destination, it is not the best as it is crowded and noisy. However, there is no dearth of activities to do to make your time memory. You can do scuba diving, fishing, and sailing.


Lake Correntoso

Lake Correntoso

The beach is situated in the Patagonian Lake District, and it is popular for its cold water. Therefore, it is a natural attractive during the summer days, and that is the exact season when people go to a beach. Besides, on the lakeside, you will find a perfect place for hiking, and you can also do kayaking on the beach for perfect relaxation. Moreover, it is more of a lake than a beach, and it is generally less crowded and hence, perfect for a weekend vacation.


Las Grutas Beach

Las Grutas BeachLas Grutas is a less crowded town and not as popular as other towns. However, it is fast becoming a popular beach destination. The beach has the perfect combination of white sand and warmer water. Therefore, it is a great place for the non-summer seasons. It is slightly on the outskirts of the country, and hence, it is a worthy beach you can visit taking some extra miles. Moreover, at just three-hour drive, you will get to see Patagonia’s wildlife park consisting of elephant seals, penguins, as well as the sea lions.

Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach



Miramar beach is the most affordable beach in Argentina. Everything around it is priced reasonably, and it is great for a casual and relaxing escape. The area is clean and beautiful, and the beach is rather calm which is great for kids. Moreover, there are scenic trails available around the beach where cycling is a popular activity that can be extremely memorable.

Carilo Beach

Carilo BeachCarilo is more of an exclusive beach where you get golden sand and pine forests around it. However, it is a perfect place of exotic restaurants and spas. Moreover, there are fancy boutiques, and therefore, if you are well loaded, you can have your honeymoon here. There are lovely resorts and gardens, and in every step, you will perceive it as a town of the riches. It is an automatic choice of the upper class, wealthy people as well as local and global celebrities.

Besides, Pinamar is an ideal good family vacation. It is less crowded, and there are thick lines of pine trees to enjoy the cool breeze and scenic beauty. These are all the best Argentina beaches ranging from affordable ones to the expensive ones to spend your time.